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Global Dimension

our world view

Our World View whole school Theme 2020-2021

AN internationAl perspective on learning

Giving our pupils an international perspective on their World is vitally important to us. Our school community is rich in diversity; we are learning with a global dimension where ever possible through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Students are exposed to different festivals, cultures, ethnic groups, religions and languages, enriching their learning in the process and broadening the academic experience for everyone. We aim to encourage the children to take their first steps in becoming global citizens of the future by increasing students’ cultural awareness and fostering their understanding and appreciation of those who come from a different background to their own.

MApping the Curriculum

The maps below plot the learning journey that the children will go on through the delivery of the curriculum in their core and foundation subjects across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Just a few of our whole school events are shown below:

Cultural Enrichment

In recent years we have enjoyed inter- cultural visits from Schools in France and Spain, where the children have been able to welcome and interact with visitors of their own age and find out about them.  

We regularly welcome large numbers of teachers from Iceland for professional development and the children love to learn from them during their time with us.

Westdene hosts a very successful cultural visit with a school from China. Some of our families welcome the visitors into their homes too as guests, providing a rich cultural exchange for our pupils. 

As well as all these exciting visits, we also persue a whole school theme each academic year which offers the school community to work together on the same theme to explore other countries and cultures, culminating in fantastic creative outcomes!


tour de france display


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