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#bookcoverdouble challenge December 2020

During lockdown, The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged people to recreate a famous work of art using objects they have in their homes. The idea went viral ! This idea of recreating famous works was then adopted by the New York Public Library asking people to recreate well known book covers and we would love you do the same to celebrate the end of  our ‘Read, Dream, Share’ book festival.     

You do not have to do all of the tasks, just choose one unless you really want to do more. You can submit your home learning online or bring any finished pieces into school after the holidays so that we can share them.

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KEY STAGE 1 (Yrs 1 &2)

Click here for the Challenge Handout for Years 1 & 2

Please note these materials are also posted on the WOMBLE as an optional task

KEY STAGE 2 (Yrs 3-6)

Click here for the Challenge Handout for Yrs 3-6

Please note these materials are also on the WOMBLE (YR3) and posted to Goggle Classroom as an optional task

'Read,Dream,SHARE' Festival of Books - December 2020

Our 'Read,Dream,Share' Festival of books got off to an fantastic start with an absolutely sensational book week. There were inspiring literary challenges to complete each day and children were enthused to work both collaboratively and independently to write poetry, prose and book reviews.

Cressida Cowell, Children’s Laureate, visited via video conferencing and it was an absolute joy to see her light up each classroom with her passion for literature.

She gave all the children three recommendations:

1. Keep a special book for all your ideas. (This is how she started her first novel!)
2. Draw a map of your imaginary places.
3. Do your research; the process will give you lots of new ideas.

Cressida also stated that ‘Books are magic!’.  She told us that ‘Children are the cleverest people in the world’ and in recognition that children can often comprehend far beyond their own reading ability, she urged the children to ask their adults to read to them. We also loved hearing how she makes her books ‘Look like sweets not Brussel Sprouts!’ - although we have to say that some of us do like our sprouts...perhaps there is a seed of a story idea there too!

Cressida has also shared a recording of her reading one of her picture books: ‘Emily Brown and the Thing.’ It is such fun, a wonderful book - we highly recommend it along with her ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series and new series ‘The Wizards of Once.’ Click here to view.

We had a final assembly led by one of Captain Hook’s crew, ‘Henchman Harry’ (aka Mrs Stratton) and we enjoyed celebrating the wonderful, creative work that had been done and all the imaginitive characters the children dressed up as . 

'Advent-ure Calendar of Books’.

Every day in December,  we also opened up a day of our ‘Advent-ure Calendar of Books’. 

Each day, the children listened to a story or extract from a different book read by one of the staff and shared via video link. The children really enjoyed the range of books selected and we know that many have been inspired to pick a book they would not normally choose exploring new authors and genres. 

Click here to view the book list. Also featured were 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie and ' The Storm Keeper's Island' by Catharine Doyle.

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